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Expert instructors follow the learning of the little ones in a school game with optimist boats.

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The sport of sailing differs from other sports practiced outdoors due to the continuous link with many natural factors such as wind, waves, currents, tides, thermal phenomena, perturbations, rain and so on, which are defined as “weather and sea” conditions.

The learning of this fascinating sport therefore includes the acquisition of basic theoretical concepts relating to the knowledge of winds, safety at sea, the nomenclature of the boat and its equipment, knots, etc.

For these notions, which we consider fundamental for the practice of this sport, we offer lessons that include a theoretical part and a practice at sea every day.

However, it should be noted that the lessons of the different courses, planning in advance, may vary according to the aforementioned “weather and sea” conditions.

The daily lesson could therefore be structured with more hours dedicated to theory, or more practice time at sea; otherwise, if the “weather and sea” conditions were not considered safe by the instructors, they will be entirely dedicated to the theoretical-playful part.

Summer school

The courses are led by instructors of the Italian Sailing Federation.

Courses are available from June to July. The number of participants is limited.


1° course 22.06/26.06
2° course 29.06/03.07
3° course 06.07/10.07
4° course 13.07/17.07
5° course 20.04/24.07

  • 5 mornings from Monday to Friday € 140 from 9:00 to 12:30
  • At the end of course, we always plan an award ceremony

During August could be organized other courses if will be children available.

The number of participants is limited.

Subscription and Payment

Send the subscription to , with attached :

  • medical certificate for non-competitive activities
  • copy of the bank transfer  (deposit € 50 or full fee)
  • covid-19 self-certification

Bank transfer made payable to  : CENTRO VELA SUNSET

IBAN : IT68S0335901600100000017892

Purpose of b/t : Name, Surname (children) + name and course date 

From 1 June it’s possibile sign up at Secretary office of Centro Vela Sunset (Viale del Tirreno 88 – 56018 Calambrone (PI) ).

The balance must be paid no later than the day before the start of each course, by bank transfer or directly at the secretary.


Instructors: the courses are held by Federal Instructors FIV (Federazione Italiana Vela – Italian Sailing Federation)

FIV Card: for participation, an FIV card valid for the current year is required, issued by the secretariat of the Sunset Sailing Center, only with presentation of a medical certificate valid for non-competitive sporting activities.

  • Cost FIV card: € 25 (calendar year);

Insurance: student insurance is included with the FIV card;

Equipment: during the outings at sea the students will be equipped with a mandatory life jacket provided by the sailing school;

Clothing: For outings at sea we suggest to have rubber shoes (otherwise old sneakers), shorts, lycra/cotton t-shirt and hat;

we also suggest to bring a beach towels, a change of clothes to return home and a bottle of water.


The boats used are:

Optimist: it is a small dinghy, universally recognized as boat school for children, on which students will learn the fundamentals of the sport of sailing.

Velic: it is a latest generation spacious boat, regularly used as “boat school”. It is particularly safe and suitable for the transport of children.

During the outings at sea there will always be an Instructor on board with whom the students will be able to learn how to steer a boat with demonstrations and assistance from the instructor.

Vaurien: it is a boat with a mobile drift particularly popular for its great maneuverability and stability during maneuvers.

On this boat the student will be able to learn more about the various riggings at different speeds with the help of the instructor.


Means of assistance: during the outings at sea there will always be assistance dinghies, with an instructor on board.

Clothing and Equipment

During the outings at sea the students will be equipped with mandatory life jacket, supplied by the sailing school;

For the outings at sea we suggest to have rubber shoes, shorts, lycra/cotton t-shirt, hat and K-way;

we also suggest to bring a beach towels, a change of clothes to return home and a bottle of water.

FYI, we inform you that rubber shoes, K-way and lycra t-shirt, or other sailing clothing, can also be purchased in DECHATLON stores in Livorno or Pisa.

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