Not far from Oasi del Mare, behind the coast, stretches the Park of the Livorno Hills. It is a green area of thick Mediterranean vegetation, in which you can see erica woods, holm oaks and elms. The park is a natural paradise of incredible environmental value, not to mention that in its territory there are also some archaeological remains.
The trails crossing it are numerous and well-marked for both hiking and nature walks. Specially popular with bikers in the area, the Park of the Livorno Hills is particularly rich in mountain biking trails. Each itinerary has been mapped and classified by the local CAI section, the Club Alpino Italiano: it counts at least 14 trails.
Along the tracks, there is fun for beginners as well as for experienced cyclists.
Walking inside the park you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in Mediterranean nature and admire wonderful landscapes on the hills.
In addition, the proximity to the coast allows in the spring to realize long country hikes that end with a refreshing dip at the sea.


Oasis WWF Dune di Tirrenia is a protected area of 24 hectares that occupies a great part of the shore of the city. The coast enclosed in its territory is characterized for its lush mediterranean vegetation that extends almost on the sand.
Nearby the pine forest there are indeed high sandy dunes modeled by the wind. This was the original profile of the tuscan coast before the human interventions that made it more “domestic”.
So the Oasis WWF Dune di Tirrenia is a green space between the beach and the city center. It is crossed by several paths that can be use for walking, excursions, trips, mountain biking.
Along some paths there are even some descriptive signboards that show what kind of plants and animal lives in the oasis to help the visitors to appreciate the area. Here you can find some pretty unique floral species and small mammals like rabbits, squirrels and foxes.
The people of Tirrenia and the visitors coming in town use the oasis as a cool shelter during the hottest hours of the day.
The Oasis WWF Dune di Tirrenia is open all year and are often organized guided visits.


The territory between the city of Livorno and the promontory of Piombino is known as the Etruscan Coast. This stretch of the Tuscan coastline is a popular destination for hiking and nature walks, an element that undoubtedly dominates both the beaches and the hilly hinterland.
The beauty of the Etruscan Coast lies in its simplicity, in its unspoilt and wild landscape.
The name of this area is linked to the people of the Etruscans. Many are in fact the town they founded that still carry the signs of their ancient presence. In particular, between Baratti and Populonia you can visit numerous necropolises and other monuments dating back to the 9th century BC.
The Etruscan Coast is therefore a territory full of history, culture and unforgettable views. There are also plenty of fun activities to do: the clear sea of the area is rich in life and ideal for diving a short distance from the shore. The coast is also perfect for sailing excursions with the possibility to stop in the marinas scattered throughout the coast.
Also, every summer there are many events, concerts, beach parties and performances by great artists.


One of the most popular food and wine routes in the area of Pisa is the Wine Route of the Hills of Pisa. This itinerary crosses vineyards and olive groves, woods and cultivated fields, historic villages and small resorts with an ancient charm that are worth visiting on foot or by bicycle.
The purpose of the Wine Route is precisely to promote the use of alternative ecological means to the car and thus a type of sustainable tourism. In addition to this, there are many opportunities to sample the excellent products used in local cuisine: wine, oil, cheeses and honey.
Pisan cuisine has been able to transform these simple earth products into tasty, flavoursome recipes, typical Tuscan peasant traditions that today are replicated in a modern way.
The Wine Route of the Hills of Pisa is a pleasant journey to experience with the whole family on a bicycle, on foot or on horseback. In particular, along the road you can visit the wine producing areas of Valdera and Valdarno.
An excursion on the Wine Route of the Hills of Pisa is ideal even in winter, given the naturally mild climate of the Tuscan countryside. However it is during the fall and spring that the path shows itself in its most charming dress.


Every year the center of Lucca becomes the theater of the event dedicated to comics, animation films, illustration and games most important in Europe. This is Lucca Comics and Games. The event has been going on for over 20 years at the end of October and takes place in the old town inside the medieval walls surrounding the city, a truly impressive location.
During the days of the festival, the historic center of Lucca gives space to the pavilions where fans find themselves and where famous cartoonists, authors, illustrators and movie characters are hosted.
The most fun and curious part of Lucca Comics and Games takes place outside, in the squares and in the streets of the historic center. In fact, many festival participants, for the occasion, wear the costumes of their favorite characters throughout the day. Walking around the city center you can then meet famous superheroes, heroines and other characters coming from movies, comics, cartoons and video games. The best costume is rewarded by a jury of experts during a competition held at the end of the festival, one of the most popular shows of Lucca Comics and Games.


The Puccini Festival is an international event that recalls in Torre del Lago, the favorite home of the master, many opera enthusiasts from around the world. Giacomo Puccini came to Torre del Lago in 1891 and was so fascinated by the town to settle here for more than 30 years. In his villa overlooking Lake Massaciuccoli, the master composed many of his most famous works, perhaps particularly inspired by the local landscape and atmosphere he loved so much.
Here were composed the Tosca, Madama Butterfly, the Swallow, the Triptych.
Since 1930, thanks to the Puccini Festival, his music is again at the center of the scene and is also rediscovered by the youngest. Each year, in Torre del Lago arrived the most acclaimed interpreter and musician of the international music scene to give life to the works of the Italian genius.
The Puccini Festival has now become a fixed event in the summer of Viareggio. Opera shows are held in the large open air theater of Torre del Lago, able to accommodate about 3.200 people.


The love for the music of Livorno occurs every year during the summer, between August and September, with the long-awaited Livorno Music Festival.
The event is aimed at young music students and to fans. The first ones have the unique opportunity to participate in various masterclasses with the greatest masters of the international music scene. Teachers and professionals from all over the world devote two weeks to young talents who find themselves in Livorno.
During the festival it is planned also many concerts held in some of the most picturesque locations in the city. The Old Fortress, the Church of San Ferdinando, the Museum of Natural History, the Aquarium, the Terrace Mascagni are transformed for a night becoming the theater of youth orchestras, quartets and choruses.
The concerts ranging from classical to modern and from contemporary to jazz are free admission. It is a unique opportunity to listen and appreciate good music live directly by the young talents of our country and the world.
At the end of Livorno Music Festival, talents who stand out among others and the best players are rewarded by all teachers.


June in Pisa is a month full of events, cultural events, historical pageants, concerts and carnivals involving the entire city of Pisa.
These are special celebrations that have roots in the early history of the city: a tradition that the population of Pisa really cares about and in which take part with enthusiasm.
Focal point of the celebrations is the festival in honor of the patron saint, San Ranieri, but around this event, there are others just as important as the Gioco del Ponte (game of the bridge).
Every year, on the evening of the last Saturday in June, on the Ponte di Mezzo above the Arno, you can witness the competition between the two sides of the city: Tramontana and Mezzogiorno (north and south of the river).
The event begins with the parade where participants to the game and other people parade along the riversides of Pisa in Spanish sixteenth-century costume. In total there are about 700 people, plus the parade in historical costumes of the judges.
After the parade each teams set on a side of the bridge and the game can begin. The win goes to the team that manages to push a cart mounted on rails to the other side of the bridge, the one of the opponents.
Gioco del Ponte attracts in the city many tourists intrigued by the atmosphere of celebration and by the typical costumes shown off for the occasion.


Livorno is the most important port of Tuscany both for commerce and tourism. From here depart the ferries headed to the islands of Capraia and Gorgona, two natural reserves of incredible beauty, but also some mini-cruises to Elba.
The service is available all year, but in summer the companies always increase their offer of routes and schedules to meet the many demands of tourists.
The view of the mainland and the islands that you can enjoy while on board is truly spectacular. In addition, at the right times, you can even spot whales, fin whales and dolphins: in fact you find yourselves within the stretch of sea known as the “Cetacean Sanctuary”.
After reaching the island of Elba, the largest of the seven Tuscan islands, you can continue to explore the archipelago relying on daily shuttle ferries to the smaller islands of Pianosa, Giglio and Giannutri. Although they are smaller and leafless than Elba, they offers breathtaking views that will give you unique emotions.
The island of Montecristo is rather closed to tourism, it is a nature reserve where is not allowed to swim or park in its waters. Disembarkation and access are strictly regulated by the state and under the control of Rangers who can only accompany small groups to explore the island.


Easter holidays are the perfect time to visit Pisa and its surroundings. Spring awakening the nature of the territory, allowing long walks along the Arno river and in the countryside surrounding the city.
That of Pisa is a land rich in art and traditions of good life, where you can enjoy many beautiful landscapes, architectures and religious palaces. Easter time is perfect for visiting the city calmly and fully experience the events and exhibitions always linked to this event: fairs, parades in historical costume, exhibitions, tastings.
As for opportunities, the city of Livorno is not far behind. Being overlooking the sea, Easter in Livorno, by tradition, is spent on the beach with friends and family. Large groups enjoying the warm spring sun lying on the beach and maybe someone dares the first swim of the season.
Along the panoramic Terrazza Mascagni are then craft stalls and street food for all tastes. While in the rest of the city are organized fairs and events to celebrate the arrival of spring.
Near Livorno, you can also go hiking and walkings in the nature, which at this time regains its colors and scents.

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