Easter in the art cities: Pisa and Livorno


Easter holidays are the perfect time to visit Pisa and its surroundings. Spring awakening the nature of the territory, allowing long walks along the Arno river and in the countryside surrounding the city.
That of Pisa is a land rich in art and traditions of good life, where you can enjoy many beautiful landscapes, architectures and religious palaces. Easter time is perfect for visiting the city calmly and fully experience the events and exhibitions always linked to this event: fairs, parades in historical costume, exhibitions, tastings.
As for opportunities, the city of Livorno is not far behind. Being overlooking the sea, Easter in Livorno, by tradition, is spent on the beach with friends and family. Large groups enjoying the warm spring sun lying on the beach and maybe someone dares the first swim of the season.
Along the panoramic Terrazza Mascagni are then craft stalls and street food for all tastes. While in the rest of the city are organized fairs and events to celebrate the arrival of spring.
Near Livorno, you can also go hiking and walkings in the nature, which at this time regains its colors and scents.

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