Mini-cruises to Elba


Livorno is the most important port of Tuscany both for commerce and tourism. From here depart the ferries headed to the islands of Capraia and Gorgona, two natural reserves of incredible beauty, but also some mini-cruises to Elba.
The service is available all year, but in summer the companies always increase their offer of routes and schedules to meet the many demands of tourists.
The view of the mainland and the islands that you can enjoy while on board is truly spectacular. In addition, at the right times, you can even spot whales, fin whales and dolphins: in fact you find yourselves within the stretch of sea known as the “Cetacean Sanctuary”.
After reaching the island of Elba, the largest of the seven Tuscan islands, you can continue to explore the archipelago relying on daily shuttle ferries to the smaller islands of Pianosa, Giglio and Giannutri. Although they are smaller and leafless than Elba, they offers breathtaking views that will give you unique emotions.
The island of Montecristo is rather closed to tourism, it is a nature reserve where is not allowed to swim or park in its waters. Disembarkation and access are strictly regulated by the state and under the control of Rangers who can only accompany small groups to explore the island.

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