Oasis WWF Dune di Tirrenia


Oasis WWF Dune di Tirrenia is a protected area of 24 hectares that occupies a great part of the shore of the city. The coast enclosed in its territory is characterized for its lush mediterranean vegetation that extends almost on the sand.
Nearby the pine forest there are indeed high sandy dunes modeled by the wind. This was the original profile of the tuscan coast before the human interventions that made it more “domestic”.
So the Oasis WWF Dune di Tirrenia is a green space between the beach and the city center. It is crossed by several paths that can be use for walking, excursions, trips, mountain biking.
Along some paths there are even some descriptive signboards that show what kind of plants and animal lives in the oasis to help the visitors to appreciate the area. Here you can find some pretty unique floral species and small mammals like rabbits, squirrels and foxes.
The people of Tirrenia and the visitors coming in town use the oasis as a cool shelter during the hottest hours of the day.
The Oasis WWF Dune di Tirrenia is open all year and are often organized guided visits.

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