Tirrenia Sailing School for kids


The sport of sailing is identified from other outdoor sports due to the continuous link with numerous natural factors including wind, waves, currents, tides, thermal phenomena, perturbations, rain, etc. which in the jargon are defined as marine weather conditions.

Learning this sport involves the acquisition of basic theoretical concepts relating to the knowledge of the winds, safety at sea, the nomenclature of the boat and its equipment, the knots, etc.

For these notions, which we believe are essential for the practice of this sport, we offer lessons that include daily a theoretical part and a practice at sea. Given the unpredictability of the “weather-marine” conditions, the instructors will evaluate how to divide the lessons between theory and practice.
The boats that will be used are: Optimist, Velic and Vaurien.
Children can also take part in windsurfing courses.

During sea trips, an instructor will always be present on board with whom the students can learn how to steer a boat with demonstrations and assistance from the instructor.

During the outings at sea, the students will be equipped with a mandatory life jacket, supplied by the sailing school.
It is advisable to bring rubber shoes, shorts, a lycra or cotton t-shirt, a hat and a K-way.

The courses take place in 5 lessons of 3 and a half hours at a price of €140, and it will also be necessary to carry out an FIV membership of €25 valid for one calendar year.

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