Tirrenia Sailing School


To get to know the whole world of sailing we offer the possibility to take a sailing course (both for beginners and for those who already have more experience).

The courses are held individually or up to 3 people and the lesson lasts 2 hours, the schedule of the lessons can be agreed directly with the instructor of the Italian Sailing Federation who will hold the course.
To participate in our courses you need:

  1. Medical certificate for non-competitive activities valid for the purpose of issuing the IVF card
  2. Mandatory FIV card for insurance (€30 per person) issued by our secretariat

The basic course (8 hours) costs €280, while a single 2-hour lesson costs €80 for one person.
The costs for two people are: basic course €220 and single lesson €120.
For three people the rate is €160 for the basic course and €150 for a single lesson.

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