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For your windsurfing equipment, a safe place, washing and parking.
Inside our structure, we have dedicated a storage area for windsurfing equipment.
By subscribing to the subscription, you will be able to freely access our facility, having the right to:

  • personal storage place
  • car parking (for the duration of the season ticket)
  • equipment washing
  • access to the showers, toilets, changing rooms of the facility
  • access to the unequipped beach
  • assistance at sea and on land

The duration of the subscription varies according to the required needs, from a single day (for the price of €6), to the entire calendar year (for €350).
There are also rates for the summer/winter period, weekly and monthly.
For those wishing to perfect their experience it is possible to take windsurfing courses for adults or children followed by our federal instructor or rent the equipment available.

There is also a subscription dedicated to all those who want to practice water sports using their own equipment.
With it you can access our structure both to practice your sport and to enjoy the services offered during the summer season.
It is possible to subscribe to a monthly, annual or daily subscription.
Rates range from €150 for the summer period, €180 for the winter period and €230 for the whole year.

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