For a summer with the family and for guaranteed fun, our swimming pool of over 400m2 is located in a  large equipped garden where it is possible to lay out or rent gazebos and umbrellas.

It is surrounded by a solarium with about 30 sunbeds and umbrellas and adjacent to it you will find a kiosk bar which is always open during the summer season.

In the same area there is a hot tub for total relaxation and also a tub for the little ones.

The swimming pool is built at  different depths thus allowing for swimming (2 lanes), diving and water aerobics.

The surrounding garden is equipped with gazebos with table and chairs, and umbrellas with deckchairs and sunbeds of your choice.

Access to the swimming pool is open to customers and the external public and it is mandatory to wear a swimming cap.

During the season we plan courses and activities for adults and children; The Management, open all day (9/19), will be at your disposal for any information on the initiatives and methods of enrollment in the courses.

The rates for the swimming pool range from €7/8 per child or adult per day to the €200 season pass.


Just 10km from the center of the city of Pisa is Marina di Pisa, a destination for summer tourism with the consequent presence of accommodation facilities.
Along the coast there are free, sandy or pebble beaches and bathing establishments, many of which offer restaurants.

To the north of the town, on the left bank of the Arno, an old abandoned industrial area was redeveloped with the creation of a tourist port: the Port of Bocca d’Arno.

In the afternoon of public holidays, as well as every evening in peak season and for special occasions, the seafront is closed to traffic and turned into a busy and coveted walk.
In Marina di Pisa there is a cycle path that crosses it.


Tirrenia is a small town immersed in the maritime pine forest of the Pisan coast, which extends along the coast between Pisa and Livorno, its position in close contact with the sea and at the same time immersed in the greenery of its stone pines and Mediterranean scrub makes it unique and pleasant.

Together with Calmbrone these towns form the Tombolo estate which is the southern district of the natural park of Migliarino, San Rossore and Massaciuccoli.

The recent Meloria natural park and the Tuscan archipelago dominate the mirror of water in front. Its position is optimal because it is in the center of Tuscany where motorways, expressways, ports and airports place it at the center of a infrastructure system which conveys within its borders and allows the tourist to quickly reach every point of Tuscany itself.

We can mention the art cities such as Pisa, Lucca, Volterra, Siena, Florence and many other small realities to be discovered; or we can go down the coast to the south and stop off at our magnificent islands.
In short, an area within reach and at the same time a place to experience the beach with the family on a safe and not very treacherous beach with splendid sand managed by bathing establishments that offer excellent services.

The recent area of the Tirrenia beach is now a nightlife area for all ages; those who want to spend evenings full of fun will find excellent venues from aperitif to after dinner.


Basic and advanced kitesurfing courses for adults and children

The basic course is offered to all those who, without experience in sea sports, decide to approach the world of kitesurf (a fundamental requirement is knowing how to swim).

It takes place in about 6 hours, divided into four steps which will allow you to learn gradually and in complete safety.

The purpose of the course proposed by the Instructor of the Sunset Sailing Center is not only to be able to start with the board at your feet, but above all to provide the tools necessary to continue to learn independently, independence and above all in total safety.

  • The basic course includes 3 lessons of 1h30m + last collective lesson on a dinghy at the price of €380.
  • Group lessons (up to a maximum of 3 people)
  • Mandatory IVF card € 20. + Medical certificate

The course sessions include the following schedule:

  • Knowledge of the Winds
  • Spot evaluation-use of the canopy-trainer and introduction to the flight window
  • Inflatable Kite Armor
  • Complete preparation of the kite by the student
  • Securities
  • Flight window
  • Didactic/preparatory game with the kite in the water flight window
  • Safety and water relaunch of the kite
  • Taking off and landing the kite
  • Kite armor by the student independently
  • Landing and taking off of the kite independently
  • Body drag (dragging the body in the water with the kite)
  • Management of the kite and the board, first preparation exercises for the start with the board
  • First departures
  • Board recovery in the water
  • Self-rescue (self-rescue technique and recovery of the kite in an emergency situation)


Garage, federal school and equipment rental, for beginners and funboards with Quatro boards and Goia sails.

At the Oasi del Mare tourist complex and in close collaboration with the Centro Vela Sunset it is possible to participate in windsurfing courses for adults or children or rent the equipment for the already experienced.

The school is supervised and organized by Stefano del Bono, federal sailing and windsurfing instructor with many years of experience even in the competitive sector.

The courses are divided into 4 lessons of 1 hour and can be individual or in groups with a maximum of 3 people.

The lessons are mainly held on the weekend or, upon request, even during the week and guarantee the student the possibility to start sailing and be able, after the course, to be able to rent the equipment.

In fact, the windsurf center guarantees, in addition to the courses, the rental of equipment for practicing and improving the manoeuvres learned during the course .

The more experienced can rent advanced funboard equipment with Qutro boards and new Goia sails.

In addition, inside the sailing center there is a paid storage where you can leave your equipment with the possibility of car parking and assistance in sea in addition to the washing area and all the other Oasi del Mare services.

The course fees for children are: a single lesson €60, a course for one person €200.

While for adults a single lesson €80 and the course for one person €250.

It is mandatory a medical certificate and the IVF Card for insurance coverage for €20.


The sport of sailing is identified from other outdoor sports due to the continuous link with numerous natural factors including wind, waves, currents, tides, thermal phenomena, perturbations, rain, etc. which in the jargon are defined as marine weather conditions.

Learning this sport involves the acquisition of basic theoretical concepts relating to the knowledge of the winds, safety at sea, the nomenclature of the boat and its equipment, the knots, etc.

For these notions, which we believe are essential for the practice of this sport, we offer lessons that include daily a theoretical part and a practice at sea. Given the unpredictability of the “weather-marine” conditions, the instructors will evaluate how to divide the lessons between theory and practice.
The boats that will be used are: Optimist, Velic and Vaurien.
Children can also take part in windsurfing courses.

During sea trips, an instructor will always be present on board with whom the students can learn how to steer a boat with demonstrations and assistance from the instructor.

During the outings at sea, the students will be equipped with a mandatory life jacket, supplied by the sailing school.
It is advisable to bring rubber shoes, shorts, a lycra or cotton t-shirt, a hat and a K-way.

The courses take place in 5 lessons of 3 and a half hours at a price of €140, and it will also be necessary to carry out an FIV membership of €25 valid for one calendar year.


To get to know the whole world of sailing we offer the possibility to take a sailing course (both for beginners and for those who already have more experience).

The courses are held individually or up to 3 people and the lesson lasts 2 hours, the schedule of the lessons can be agreed directly with the instructor of the Italian Sailing Federation who will hold the course.
To participate in our courses you need:

  1. Medical certificate for non-competitive activities valid for the purpose of issuing the IVF card
  2. Mandatory FIV card for insurance (€30 per person) issued by our secretariat

The basic course (8 hours) costs €280, while a single 2-hour lesson costs €80 for one person.
The costs for two people are: basic course €220 and single lesson €120.
For three people the rate is €160 for the basic course and €150 for a single lesson.


At our establishment it is possible to rent dinghies; the models available are the Lomac 460 equipped with a 40 horsepower Mercury engine for which a boat license is not required.
The points of greatest interest are the Meloria shallows, in which, however, some areas are off-limits, and the nearby Gombo area close to Marina di Pisa or the Romito cliffs immediately after Livorno.

The dinghies can accommodate a maximum of 6 people and are equipped with the safety equipment required by current regulations.
To rent you must be of legal age and leave a deposit of €500.00 which can be paid by Visa card, check or cash.

With advance booking, our staff will take care of making sure you find the dinghy in the water.

Reservations can be made at the swimming pool management tel. +39 05033605.

  • Petrol excluded
  • Mandatory deposit
  • Morning hours 9.00 – 13.30
  • Afternoon hours 14.00-18.30

The rates range from €80 for weekdays for half a day and €120 for one day.
For public holidays, prices range from €90 to €140.
The 3 x half day package is active only for weekdays at the price of €190.


In addition to storage and courses (for both adults and children), beginner equipment is available in our establishment suitable for those who have taken the course and want to improve their performance.
Funboard equipment can also be used for the more experienced with Quatro boards and Goia sails, all of the latest generation.

Our staff will check you on the ground ensuring assistance in case of need.

It is possible to subscribe to a 10-hour subscription.

Our rates range from €15 for beginner equipment for one hour, to 10 hours for €130.
The cost for renting the funboard equipment starts from €20 for one hour to €180 for ten.


Inside the tourist complex you can rent beach sailing boats including:

  • Vourien
  • Laser
  • Hobie-cat 14
  • Hobie-cat 16
  • Hobie-cat 18

Our staff will rig the boat and give assistance for departure and return from the launch channel on the beach.
Life jackets and trapeze are supplied as well as possible recovery in case of difficulty.

To book, contact the Management of the Oasi del Mare in the swimming pool area and on the day of rental present yourself with an identity document.

The Management reserves the possibility to cancel the reservation due to adverse weather conditions.
The time count is calculated from the moment of exit and return without counting the time to arm and disarm the boat.

Rates range from €30/25 per hour to €200/250 for 10 hours for catamaran and dinghy rental.

A catamaran trip with skipper for 2 hours: 1 person €90, 2 people €120 and for 3 people €140.

The wakeboard for 15 minutes has a price of 30€.

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