Wine Route of the Hills of Pisa


One of the most popular food and wine routes in the area of Pisa is the Wine Route of the Hills of Pisa. This itinerary crosses vineyards and olive groves, woods and cultivated fields, historic villages and small resorts with an ancient charm that are worth visiting on foot or by bicycle.
The purpose of the Wine Route is precisely to promote the use of alternative ecological means to the car and thus a type of sustainable tourism. In addition to this, there are many opportunities to sample the excellent products used in local cuisine: wine, oil, cheeses and honey.
Pisan cuisine has been able to transform these simple earth products into tasty, flavoursome recipes, typical Tuscan peasant traditions that today are replicated in a modern way.
The Wine Route of the Hills of Pisa is a pleasant journey to experience with the whole family on a bicycle, on foot or on horseback. In particular, along the road you can visit the wine producing areas of Valdera and Valdarno.
An excursion on the Wine Route of the Hills of Pisa is ideal even in winter, given the naturally mild climate of the Tuscan countryside. However it is during the fall and spring that the path shows itself in its most charming dress.

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