Etruscan Coast


The territory between the city of Livorno and the promontory of Piombino is known as the Etruscan Coast. This stretch of the Tuscan coastline is a popular destination for hiking and nature walks, an element that undoubtedly dominates both the beaches and the hilly hinterland.
The beauty of the Etruscan Coast lies in its simplicity, in its unspoilt and wild landscape.
The name of this area is linked to the people of the Etruscans. Many are in fact the town they founded that still carry the signs of their ancient presence. In particular, between Baratti and Populonia you can visit numerous necropolises and other monuments dating back to the 9th century BC.
The Etruscan Coast is therefore a territory full of history, culture and unforgettable views. There are also plenty of fun activities to do: the clear sea of the area is rich in life and ideal for diving a short distance from the shore. The coast is also perfect for sailing excursions with the possibility to stop in the marinas scattered throughout the coast.
Also, every summer there are many events, concerts, beach parties and performances by great artists.

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